Technical Aspects


These are the technical stages I’ll follow to set up your website.

This is just for your information and shows you what I’ll be doing behind the scenes.

I will take care of all of this for you.

1. Rent the domain name

This is the name that a user will type in to the internet to reach your website.

2. Host on a server

Your website needs a home on the internet. That is the hosting server.

3. Redirect domain name

Your domain name needs to be linked to the server.

4. Install WordPress

I use WordPress to create your website.

Webdesign technical aspects

5. Install the SSL Certificate

This makes sure that your website is secure and encrypted.

6. Install the site-building platform

I use DiviĀ as a tool to build your WordPress website.

7. Install the theme

I tailor the theme and template (if used) of your website to your organisation.

8. Install the appropriate plug-ins

There are thousands of plug-ins available and I will tailor a selection to improve the functionality of your website.